Are UFO's Really Extraterrestrial Visitors? Here Is One Man's Opinion

In a very interesting story in the Washington Examiner online, author Tom Rogan explains why the recent rash of UFO sightings may not be the result of natural phenomenon. He also comes to the defense of those witnesses of sightings who have been discredited by non- believers. He offers 4 reasons why he believes the witnesses and the stories of UFO’s. Here are the reasons:

1. UFO’s have shown to be intelligently operated when outmaneuvering manned aircraft and monitoring systems in their vicinity.

2. UFOS’s have shown the ability to travel at hyper-sonic speeds with anti-gravity characteristics.

3. UFO’s have shown an interest in military nuclear technology have even deactivated nuclear missiles during test operations.

4. UFO’s have shown evidence of plasma manipulation with the desire to perform cloaking capabilities.

Rogan finishes his article by saying that more research is needed and that the U.S. Government is doing just that, albeit secretly. Interesting! Anyway, what do you believe? Let us know!

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