Meet Rosie - Our dog of the day for 12 Dogs of Christmas!

It's that time of year again! When 12 Dogs of Christmas will have the chance to write their letters to Santa and you get to be elves helping Santa send them home. It's easy, just share the letters so they make it all the way to the North Pole.

Meet Rosie:

Dear Santa,

This will be my very first Christmas. I am not sure if I will have a home of my own or not when you visit on Christmas Eve, but I know a family will come along soon even if I do wake up on Christmas morning as nobody’s dog. It will be so different next year for sure! They take good care of me here at HHDR, so don’t worry Santa if you need a little more time. I am 8 months old now and probably won’t get much bigger than my 42 pounds.

I am not sure what I like better – playing or snuggling. They are both pretty awesome things to do. I play nice with my dog friends and I am kind to people of all ages. I have never met a cat, so I am not sure if there should be one in my new home.

I love to ride shot gun in the car. I hope you find me a human that will let me ride around with them in one of those car things. It must be what it’s like when you fly around in your sleigh – the wind blowing your hair, the smells and all the interesting things you see zooming by. So much fun!

Don’t eat too many cookies – I did that once and boy did my tummy feel awful. Give your reindeer a hug from me – especially Rudolph!



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