Meet Kurt - Our dog of the day for 12 Dogs of Christmas!

It's that time of year again! When 12 Dogs of Christmas will have the chance to write their letters to Santa and you get to be elves helping Santa send them home. It's easy, just share the letters so they make it all the way to the North Pole.

Meet Kurt:

Dear Santa,

All I can say is I hope you weren’t watching me too closely this year. If you were, I sure hope you understand it was my first year and I made some, shall we say……mistakes of youth. When I messed things up in my first home, they brought me back to HHDR. I’ll admit, I didn’t have to be as mean to the cat as I was but have you ever lived with one??! 

I was a bit of a rebellious adolescent I will admit. The folks here at HHDR used some donation money (thank goodness so many people like to help them!) and sent me to school. They said I needed to learn some manners so I could live my best life and become a dog people would be proud to have in their home. I worked really hard and had patient teachers at Certified Canine. I know so many cool things now that make it so much easier to understand what the humans want and if one of them adopts me, we can go back to that school together so we can become an awesome team. 

I really am a good boy and I am ready to be someone’s best friend. I walk nice on a leash. Sit and down when I am told. Stay where they tell me to and I know with some practice I will get better and better. People will see me with my person and they will turn green with envy and wish they had a dog that listened as good as me. 

Problem is, Santa, I can still lose my temper with other dogs when they push my buttons, so I think its best if I am the only dog in my new home. And no way do I want to try and live with a cat again. A nice, simple quiet life is what my heart desires. Older kids that know how to play and help teach me would be good or just grown-ups.  

Merry Christmas Santa! I promise, next year it won’t be so hard to decide which list I should be put on! 



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