Meet Molly - Our dog of the day for 12 Dogs of Christmas!

It's that time of year again! When 12 Dogs of Christmas will have the chance to write their letters to Santa and you get to be elves helping Santa send them home. It's easy, just share the letters so they make it all the way to the North Pole.

Meet Molly:

Dear Santa,

It’s me, Molly! I have been doing my very best to be a good girl this year! I don’t really remember you from last year as I was such a tiny puppy, but I am really happy I got to meet you this year! I will be turning a whole year old tomorrow so I remember things much better now. I didn’t grow too very big at 27 pounds. They told me if enough people share my letter it will reach you on my birthday and maybe a family will come to take me home. 

Now that I am becoming an adult I will try not to be such a wild child. I do so love to run and play, though, so I probably won’t be giving that up anytime soon. I really like playing with other dogs so it would be fine if there was already a dog in my new home. Cats are interesting creatures. They are fun to chase, but they scare me a little when they stop running and turn back at me and make that weird noise. I just let them be when they do that. It would be fine if there was not a cat in my new home. 

As you know, Santa, I am really good at protecting my people from squirrels so if you know of a family that needs a dog that can perform squirrel patrol, that is the family for me. Toys are great, especially the balls that squeak. Kids are fun, too but the little ones fall down easy and I still forget that I am supposed to keep my paws on the floor. I’m working on remembering that. I do know where to do my business and I am getting pretty good when the humans say “sit”. 

Merry Christmas, Santa! You are a pretty cool guy! Thanks for helping me! 



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