Meet Preston - Our dog of the day for 12 Dogs of Christmas!

It's that time of year again! When 12 Dogs of Christmas will have the chance to write their letters to Santa and you get to be elves helping Santa send them home. It's easy, just share the letters so they make it all the way to the North Pole.

Meet Preston:

Dear Santa,

When I was a young pup last year I sure did think this being man’s best friend was going to be an easy thing. My momma used to tell me stories about belonging to a human, how magical that love was and all the things we would do together. I remember that feeling of having not a care in the world – until that day I was literally tossed away. Boy did that hurt when my face hit the pavement. I found myself at just a few months old all alone in a big scary world and realized I was nobody’s dog and wondered if my momma’s stories had any truth to them. 

I was taken to a shelter – that’s the place you go when you are nobody’s dog. I had food and a warm bed, but there were so many of us there that I didn’t get out much. It was a little scary and lonely until these nice people came and picked me to travel north on the Underground Express. My life started getting better and before I knew it, I was at HHDR getting my first family photo taken with my new family. We shared 7 months together before it all fell apart. I’m not sure what happened. I heard words like “divorce” and “moving” and there was a sadness in the house I couldn’t make go away. Now I am back at HHDR wondering if anyone will ever love me forever like in my momma’s stories. 

I love kids and other dogs. I have never met a cat, so I am not sure if I would like to live with one or not. I love toys that squeak and I am working real hard on giving up my shoe habit. I know where to go potty and still love to run and play. Snuggling is nice, too. I am very sensitive, so I really just want kind people who would never give me up no matter what. I am a whole year old now Santa and grew to 58 pounds. I sure hope you can find me the kind of home like in my momma’s stories.  



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