With Snow On The Ground, Here Are Some Interesting Snowman Facts!

Snow on the ground usually means one thing for children of all ages: building a snowman! You are never too old to enjoy this winter tradition! Despite the fact history cannot tell when the first snowman was built, documentation can be found for a marginal picture of a snowman in 1380. However, our friends at Newschannel 9 did come up with some great snowman facts! Here they are:

•In 1494, Michaelangelo was commissioned to build a snowman for the ruling family of Florence, Italy. It was reportedly called “beautiful.”

•After Prohibition ended in 1933, snowmen were used to sell beer! Interesting!

•Building a snowman is good exercise! In one hour, you can burn 238 calories!

•The perfect conditions to build a snowman is 30 degrees with at least 2 inches of snow on the ground!

Interesting facts about snowmen. Now get out there and build your own!

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