Meet Bay - Our Dog of the Day for 12 Dogs of Christmas!

It's that time of year again! When 12 Dogs of Christmas will have the chance to write their letters to Santa and you get to be elves helping Santa send them home. It's easy, just share the letters so they make it all the way to the North Pole.

Meet Bay:

Dear Santa,

It’s me – Bay. I have tried my whole life to be a good girl but no matter how hard I try, my life keeps changing in ways I don’t understand and it’s not always good. I don’t remember much of my early years, I am 5 now I think. I know my life started in Alabama and I thought it was the luckiest thing when I was taken out of the shelter and sent North to start a new life. It was amazing! I found a family right away, but after 3 years of loving them, they brought me back and said they just didn’t have time for me. 

I was so sad for a long time trying to figure out what I had done wrong. Maybe it was because I am so picky about my dog friends. I am not shy about letting other dogs know when they are annoying. I hope you saw that I am able to make some dog friends. I just don’t care for most of their ways and I really hope you don’t try to make me live with one. 

You know, Santa, I really love all people and being man’s best friend. They are the best snugglers and I love playing games with them. It is magical when I make them laugh or cheer them up. I understand them so much better than I do other dogs. I really don’t need too much of their time. I will happily wait for them to come home and gratefully accept whatever time they have to spare. I promise, Santa, I will love them and watch over them forever if you can find someone to give me another chance, 

Thanks for listening and I hope you are able to find me a place to call home for the holidays. 



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