Here Are The 8 Steps To Carving The Turkey On Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is finally here! Families and friends will sit down to a meal that will include turkey, stuffing, vegetables, apple, and pumpkin pie. They will give thanks for all their blessings and enjoy a well earned day off! So, to make sure the turkey looks good on the platter, I thought I would list the correct way to carve a turkey according to

1.   Remove the string that tie the legs together,

2.   Remove the legs and thighs by slicing through the joints,

3.   Remove the drumsticks by cutting through those joints,

4.   Remove the wishbone with your fingers. It makes carving the breast easier,

5.   Remove the turkey breasts,

6.   Remove the wings by slicing through the joints,

7.   Slice the thigh meat,

8.   Slice the breast meat, against the grain, making sure to leave the skin attached.

There you have it! However, no matter how you carve the turkey, make sure you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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