Former SU Basketball star "Overdoses on THC Edible"

While I have never heard of anyone overdosing on an "edible" or "adult gummy" (kids don't ask for any) I guess anything is possible right?

That is why when former SU star and current Miami Heat player Dion Waiters was confirmed to be the "unknown player" in the tweet below, I had some questions.

Then thanks to EPSN's Brian Windhorst we all got the info that made us all say "yeaaaaah, we thought so"

Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters experienced a “panic attack” on the team’s charter flight Thursday night after consuming a THC-infused edible, sources told ESPN.

Waiters received medical treatment after the plane landed in Los Angeles following the Heat’s victory over the Phoenix Suns. Waiters was listed as out for Friday’s game against the Lakers because of illness and did not attend the game.

But credit to Waiters who is keeping his mouth shut, since the rumor is he got the gummy from a team mate. He knows...."Snitches get stitches"

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