"Untitled Goose Game" Has All Types Of Gamers Raving About Its Fun!

A video game that started out as a joke, then went viral, is now a smashing success! The game, “Untitled Goose Game,” uses a quacking goose as it’s unassuming hero, or maybe, antihero! The goose tries to create chaos just for laughs!

The goose, manipulated by the player, just wants to have fun at other people’s expense. The goose is not aggressive or violent. He’s just a little adorable trickster looking for some fun! The game is drawing rave reviews for its simplicity and devilish fun! An example of the game’s fun involves the goose sneaking into a restaurant, stealing the cutlery, knocking an empty bucket on a doorman’s head, and performing a honking and wing-flapping routine for some customers.

The game costs a mere $15 and is available to download on the Nintendo Switch console and Windows and Mac PC’s. The game is from the Australian developer House House. So if you are looking for some light-hearted mischief, you might want to check it out!

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