James Corden and Kanye West Airpool Karaoke is the most awkward thing ever

Carpool Karaoke has made James Corden a household name. Good music, a attention seeking wife, holier than thou attitude, and ego the size of the US has made Kanye West....well, Kanye West.

I used to be a HUGE Kanye fan, not so much anymore. That's besides the point. The other night on The Late Show, James Corden had the one....the only....KANYE WEST! (OMG)

But Kanye can't just do Carpool Karaoke, he needs to be different because....KANYE!

So enter in the idea of Airpool Karaoke! What the F is an airpool? There is no such thing? Flights carry hundreds of passengers all the time, just call it Airplane Karaoke or something, but Airpool? Fail.

Also, carpool karaoke is fun, because it's James, the guest and usually that's it. Also you have other scenery, they stop into stores, restaurants and more.

Nope, not with freaking "Airpool Karaoke" Cheese and Rice I hate even typing it.

Anyway, nothing is more awkward than staring at James and Kanye's face for 20 minutes, and that's pretty much it. James, please NEVER do this again.

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