A Few Reasons Why Older People Don't Care For Younger People's Music

Have you ever wondered why parents always seem to dislike the music their children listen to? Why they say that all the music “sounds alike?” Well in an article posted online for qz.com, psychologist Frank T. McAndrew has presented a few reasons for why this is the case.

He states that because musical tastes tend to begin to form by ages 13 to 14, and become set in place by the early 20’s, these tastes in music pretty much are what we become accustomed to. Furthermore, since the brain’s ability to distinguish between subtle chords, rhythms, and melodies is less pronounced as we age, older individuals tend to feel that all the younger generation’s songs sound the same.

Finally, by the time we reach our thirties, we tend to listen to music less because jobs, families, and other responsibilities become more important than music. As such, we tend to not follow the new trends and music that is being developed. However, we still continue to be fond of the music we listened to when we were younger. Very interesting ideas wouldn’t you say?