Upstate NY college town, makes "Top 10 best college towns" list. complied a top 10 list of "Best College Towns" and one of our close neighboring cities made the list!

Congratulations to Ithaca who came in at #7!

Jetsetter describes Ithaca below...

Ithaca may weed out a few (hundred) prospective students each year with the promise of a brutal winter and somewhat middle-of-nowhere locale (it’s 4+ hours from NYC), but the picturesque city is a hell of a lot more than blizzard country. First and foremost, Ithaca topples the scenic scale with rolling hillsides, more than 150 cascading waterfalls (hence all the “Ithaca is GORGES!” merch) and winding trails. Extremely walkable, and home to a generous handful ofbreweriesandwineries, the town also maintains a young crowd, with a population that’s more than 50 percent college kiddos thanks to Ithaca College and a place you probably haven’t heard of–Cornell.

Check out the whole list here

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