Apple Is Very Successful, But It Has Had Its Share Of Flops. Here Are Some!

Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference 2019 has come and gone for another year. Apple will introduce new smartphones, watches, and iPads. We all now how successful Apple has become, so I thought it would be fun to look at some of their biggest flops from years past.

•Ping: the social music network 2010. Spam, fake accounts and lack of integration with other social media sites like Facebook led to its demise in 2012;

•”Songs of Innocence” by U2 2014. Apple and U2 thought it was a good idea to download the album to everyone’s iTunes. It wasn’t. You couldn’t delete it and that infuriated millions of people. Even Bono apologized for the fiasco;

•The Apple III 1980. Apple’s attempt to introduce a business computer. Well, no business wanted it. Only 120,000 were sold before it was pulled. Interference and hardware were a big problems.

•Lets not forget “bendgate” in 2014 where the iPhone bent in people’s pockets, and “antenna gate” in 2010 where the phone had reception problems because the users were "supposedly" holding the iPhone “improperly.”

So there you have it. Even successful companies have failures. Apple was, and is, no different.

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