Kygo X Whitney Vid, looks just like another Steve Winwood sampled song.

"Higher Love" by Kygo X Whitney Houston has been one of the best dance songs of the Summer. The song was out for over a month, before the video dropped 8/26. "Higher Love" was a big hit in the 80's for Steve Winwood, and Whitney had done a cover which was pretty much a B-side and unknown for years, until Kygo remixed it.

Watching the video, which is very good by the way (see below) the first thing I thought was....wait a sec, that reminds me of another sexy aerobic video.

The video I had in mind (which will go down as one of the sexiest videos of all time) was 2004's "Call on Me" by Eric Prydz. Then it hit me....."Call on Me" was a song HEAVILY using a sample from an 1982 song called "Valerie" by (suspenseful pause)..........STEVE WINWOOD!

I don't know why Steve Winwood is synonymous with sexy aerobic videos, but I'd like to thank him personally for his contribution to a better music video watching experience.

Watch both videos below.

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