TAYLOR SWIFT NEWS! Re-Recording Old Hits Plus An iHeartRadio Album Party!!!

Taylor Swift, whose new album, “Lover," will be released today, has confirmed that she plans to re-record new versions of her past hits! This decision comes after her old label, Big Machine Records, sold the rights to her old music to talent manager Scooter Braun, who Swift accuses of bullying her. Swift recently signed with a new label, Universal Music Group.

The news is sure to delight her fans who have had her back during this situation, and have wanted her to re-record her music while supporting her under the Twitter feed, #WeStandWithTaylor. Her fans, called “Swifties,” circulated a petition in July urging the singer to re-record her old hits and gained over 200,000 signatures after only a month.

The 10-time Grammy Award singer has not said what songs or albums she will re-record, but one thing you can be sure of - whatever music she does choose to record over, her fans will make sure that the new recordings will be a hit!

ADDITIONALLY, we plan to have a Taylor Swift iHeartRadio Album Party tonight at 8:00 pm! We will be showcasing Taylor’s new album, “Lover.” We will be playing a new song from the album at the top of every hour! It’s your chance to hear all 18 of her new songs! Make sure you tune in tonight!

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