The Tick Population Could Be Very Bad This Season! Take Precautions!

Pet owners are already aware of a fact that many of us are soon to find out: it is a really bad, bad years for ticks. Ticks are showing up in greater numbers and they are showing up in areas where they don’t usually gravitate to.

According to the New York State Department of Health and infectious disease specialists at Upstate Medical University, there are over 8,000 cases of Lyme Disease cases annually in New York State. The lack of a late season snowfall had led to more ticks surviving the winter. More eggs were laid leading to an increase in tick nymphs (baby ticks). Nymphs are less likely to carry the disease, but over 80% of Lyme Disease cases are cases by nymphs.

Nymphs are more difficult to see on a pet or individual because of their size. Ticks also prefer dark moist places but the increase in the tick population had cause them to move into mowed yards are sunny areas where you might not expect to find them.

So to protect yourself against ticks. Spray clothes and shoes with a permethrin-based spray, wear lighter color clothes to spot ticks more easily, spray skin with a bug spray containing DEET, and check your whole body for attached ticks. Have fun in the sun, but use precaution with ticks.

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