Resale Tickets For SU/Duke Will Cost You Some Serious Money!

If you are thinking of attending Saturdays sold out SU/Duke game by purchasing tickets through a resale site, be ready to fork out some serious cash! According to Nate Rattner of SeatGeek, Duke is the nation’s hottest ticket at visiting arenas as ticket prices are running about 178 percent higher than any other game purchased on a resale site for a team’s home game.

Rattner states that for Saturday’s Duke game, it costs an average of $182 to purchase a ticket compared to an average of $54 for other SU home games. That price is the highest this year for any SU home game this season. Want a seat behind the Duke bench? That will cost you $3,464 per seat on SeatGeek. There are two of them available so bring a friend!

Check out Stub Hub. For a tidy sum of $3,418 per seat you can sit in a seat labeled “Courtside East.” Again, there are two seats available. Want to spend more? How about $8,719 per seat for a different set of “Courtside East” tickets? Of course there are some cheaper seats available but you will need to bring your binoculars.

So there you have it. It will cost you some serious money to get tickets for Saturday’s game. Oh, expect to leave early, too. The game is expected to break the record for an on-campus attendance mark. Go SU!

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