Head Out To Onondaga Lake To Catch A Glimpse Of The Roosting Bald Eagles!

If bird watching is your hobby, you need to head out to Onondaga Lake! The area is one of two in the United States where bald eagles go to roost during the winter. The other area is in Wabasha, Minnesota.

The eagles come here to roost during the period from November to March. The open water area allows them ample opportunities to catch fish which is their primary food source throughout the winter. This is because the water treatment plant expels warm water during the winter which prevents parts of Onondaga Lake from freezing.

Photographer Greg Craybas spotted 46 bald eagles last weekend. The rehabilitation of Onondaga Lake has helped the roosting eagles. Craybas said that it’s inspiring “to see the eagles now thriving to a central location that we historically haven’t seen them.” He also said that the early morning is the best time to see the eagles.

So get out your cameras and make a trip down to Onondaga Lake. The bald eagle is a majestic sight. One the will inspire and amaze you at the same time!

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