Eve, A Rare Calico Lobster, Is Spared From Being A Dinner Dish

Eve, the lobster, just got a reprieve from being someone’s dinner! This is because Eve is a calico lobster! Eve has a speckled orange and black shell. Why is that so special? It’s because the chance of finding a calico lobster is 1 in 30 million!

Nicholas, the owner of a seafood market in Silver Spring, Maryland, was sifting through his seafood delivery from Maine in late December, when he spotted the rare lobster. He decided not to offer it for sale, named it Eve, and contacted the National Aquarium in Baltimore where he found out how special Eve was.

Nicholas plans to donate the lobster to an aquarium but hasn’t decided which one he will send it to. In the meantime, Eve is safety housed in a special tank for safekeeping. Nice job, Nicholas!