Man Chases Rolling Tire Down Busy Interstate In Houston!

Rafael Sanchez was in a car that was driving down Interstate 45 in Houston Sunday when he saw something unusual. He quickly began taping it. It was a man running down the middle of the interstate!

The man wasn’t running for exercise, he was chasing a rolling tire down the road! The man, Mitch Chapman, was chasing the tire before it became a road hazard (as if he, himself, wasn’t a road hazard chasing after the tire). 

When Sanchez tweeted the video, Chapman saw the viral post and complained to Sanchez that he should have stopped to help. Sanchez replies that he was only a passenger in the car and it wasn’t his decision as to whether to stop or not.

All ended well, though, Sanchez wished the man a better New Year after his tire incident and Chapman replied in kind! Good stuff!

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