R. Kelly's New Release "I Admit" is His Admittance to Many Dark Things

R. Kelly has been in the spotlight for the past couple of months after multiple accusations of sex related crimes including one specific instance where it is alleged that he kept a 14 year old girl in a sort of "Sex Dungeon" as stated by Variety

Against the apparent recommendation of his lawyers, Kelly goes on the record with his new song steadily rapping off personal, private, and dark things he's done in his career. 

Kelly also goes into talking about financial troubles such as "I admit I had to borrow a couple M's from the label." and "I was told I had to sell my cars, I was told I couldn't get a loan, said I owed 20 Million to the IRS and they was coming to get my home".

Listen to the full track here *WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE* :

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