Hudson Valley Woman Arrested For Going Topless

Jenica Igoe gardens topless. This Hudson Valley woman was arrested after a fellow villager from Red Hook took a picture of her and reported it to the police. According to the law, women have been allowed to be topless since 1992. Therefore, she’s suing the village for the arrest. She claims that she prefers to do outdoors work without a shirt just as most men do.

            Personally, I think the officer is in the wrong for one reason. Police have to know every law on which they are about to arrest someone. However, I disagree with the law entirely. I’m all for equality between men and women, but there are certain things women can do that men shouldn’t (wear bikini bottoms) as well as things men can do that women shouldn’t (go topless).

            People try to claim that “they’re just boobs”, but the fact is that they are indeed a sex organ. Anything of that capacity should not be in open, public display for everyone to see. What do you think?


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