Jill From Helping Hounds Dog Rescue's Letter To Santa

Helping Hounds Dog Rescue is highlighting compassionate dogs this Holiday season, who are in need of loving homes. Jill is one of those dogs, and, she wrote a letter to Santa! Read her story below.

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Dear Santa,

I’m sure you are very busy right now. With just a few days left until your BIG day, I don’t expect that you’ll have time to read this, or be able to help me. But that’s ok, I’m still hopeful that my letter will reach you, or someone that can help me. My wish, after all, isn’t too fancy. All I want is to go home.

Here’s the catch, I’m not sure where that is exactly. The word home is very confusing to me, but from what I hear, it’s a wonderful thing to have. As I understand it, this place is already built, so your job doesn’t need to include making anything. My Helping Hounds family tell me I would make a great addition to a home, so that’s good, right? They are really nice to me here. They feed me and snuggle with me and take me for a lot of walks. It’s nice here for sure, but from what I’m told, having a home of my own means even more love!

I think it should be easy for you to give me a home. I really like to play with other dogs and I love people very much. I heard someone say I’m good with kids, but because I’m a strong 50 pound girl, older kids might be a better fit for living with me. Because I’m not even two-years-old yet, I have a lot of energy, but I also have a quiet and calm side, too. And, I’m very smart! I know how to sit and shake hands. I can speak when I’m asked and I’m crate trained.

Thanks Santa! I really hope you get all of your work done in time for Christmas. And if you are able to get me that home I want, I will lick your face forever!



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