Mack From Helping Hounds Dog Rescue's Letter To Santa

Helping Hounds Dog Rescue is highlighting compassionate dogs this Holiday season, who are in need of loving homes. Mack is one of those dogs, and, he wrote a letter to Santa! Read his story below.

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Dear Santa,

Thank you for the 7 Christmases I have seen in my life. They were wonderful. As you know, I am not a very big dog at 25 pounds but I have a big heart and I never knew how much it could hurt when it was broken. I sure do miss my family. Last Christmas I had it all. I am sure my family had a good reason for taking us to the shelter but it sure is hard to understand. My sister was able to find a family, but I was older and not as easy to find a home for. Then one day some rescue angels arrived and chose me to go to Helping Hounds on the Underdog Express. It was a long journey, but I am here now.

I spent some time with a foster family while they got me ready to go. I felt my heart start to heal as I cuddled comfortably in their laps. The fear I had felt for so long gave way to hope. I began to believe that I would be OK. If you visit their house on Christmas Eve, please leave something special in their stockings. It was not easy to say good bye to them when I got on that truck, but I knew they needed to let me go so they could help another dog in need.

I don’t need a fancy house Santa or even a big yard. Sitting in someone’s lap is what I love to do most. I enjoy my walks and can go on long hikes or short ones, whichever my person wants to do. I like having another dog in the house, but I’ll be OK if I am the only dog. Cats don’t bother me at all. I learned a long time ago if you just leave them alone they won’t scratch you. I know to do my business outside. I don’t mind a crate, but I sure would love to sleep snuggled up in bed with someone. I am kind to everyone I meet. I hope you have seen how well behaved I have been at all the places the people at HHDR have taken me to. I have had lots of adventures since I got here.

I sure hope you are able to find me a new family to love. I would be so happy if I were in my new home before Christmas comes. I can’t bear the thought of being nobody’s dog and having no lap to sit in on Christmas day, but I know I am safe here and with good people who will make sure I find a family of my own if you can’t.



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