Peaches From Helping Hounds Dog Rescue's Letter To Santa

Helping Hounds Dog Rescue is highlighting compassionate dogs this Holiday season, who are in need of loving homes. Peaches is one of those dogs, and, he wrote a letter to Santa! Read his story below.

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Dear Santa,

It’s me Peaches. The people here say I am a Lab/Doberman mix. Not sure if they are right. I don’t remember my momma and never met my dad. I think I am 2 years old. Maybe 3. No one every celebrated my birthday, so I am not sure. I grew to be a sleek 54 pounds, but that was after I was rescued from the streets of Alabama and had some regular meals. I was pretty thin when they found me. I sometimes have moments when I forget that food is plentiful now and get a little grumpy when other dogs get too close to my food. It happens less often and I think eventually I will forget what it felt like to be so hungry.

I wish I was like some of my friends here who seem to find it so easy to love and kiss and play with the humans. I seem to have to take a bit longer to make sure they are the nice ones and not the naughty ones. Once I decide they are nice, I can trust them completely. I haven’t met any of the naughty ones here at Helping Hounds. I do so enjoy the play time with my dog friends though. I am faster than all of them and when I get a toy, there is no way they can catch me to take it away. I bet I could pull your sleigh faster than any reindeer can.

So here is my list of wishes for my new home, Santa. I hope the people I live with are kind and like to play. I would love one who likes to run as much as I do, but I would be happy with some space to stretch my legs from time to time. The very young children make me a little nervous – I am not sure what you are supposed to do with them. They make strange noises and walk funny. I think I prefer the grown ups, or kids that are almost grown ups. I do not like cats. Please don’t give me one of those, but another dog would be OK but not a deal breaker.

I hope you know someone who wants me Santa. It is so hard being alone.

Love, Peaches

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