Bingo From Helping Hounds Dog Rescue's Letter To Santa

Helping Hounds Dog Rescue is highlighting compassionate dogs this Holiday season, who are in need of loving homes. Bingo is one of those dogs, and, he wrote a letter to Santa! Read his story below.

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Dear Santa,

Hi! It’s me Bingo and yes, I do want to be a farmer’s dog. I have been trying my very best to be good, but Santa there are so many things to smell and investigate I have no time for all that sitting and lounging around most humans want to do. I don’t think their noses work so good but mine sure does. Wow wee is the world an exciting place. Outside there are so many places to explore and inside there are delicious things those humans leave on tables and counters. People are the best – they give treats and belly rubs and take me places but between you and me they can be a little on the lazy side.

You know how much I love to play Santa, so please find me people that are as happy as I am who love to be laughing. One who enjoys being outside walking and seeing the beauty of nature with me by their side would be so awesome. I won’t mind having another dog to run around with, but please don’t make me live with a dog who doesn’t want to play and play and smell and sniff and play and sniff and walk and run and play and run. I love chasing cats up trees – they are hilarious creatures, but that seems to upset people so I probably shouldn’t have a cat in my new family. Kids are great too – they are much more fun than grown ups, but the real small ones cry when they fall down so please give me a bigger, sturdier kid who loves to play and play and run and play and be outside exploring.

I hope you haven’t seen everything I have done this year Santa. Some of it wasn’t really my fault. I will love whoever you send me to. Please make sure they have a good sense of humor and an adventurous spirit. I will keep them busy and entertained for the rest of my days.



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