Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Jeff Probst phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the 28th season of Survivor. (Yes, that’s 28 seasons!)

The Emmy-winning host admits he didn’t think the CBS show would go on for this long.

“I was so naive that even though 57 million people watched the finale of the first season, I legitimately thought we’d get a second season and then be out the door the third season.”

Now, years in to the show Jeff adds, ”I have a whole new sense of energy, like a renewed sense from three or four years ago I get super jazzed around Survivor.”

And this year, the show is splitting the contestants into three groups: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty.

“Survivor is still a social experiment, that’s the question,” Jeff explains. “So we were in casting and we saw we had a group of people that were really smart … so just an idea in the room was … what if we just put them all together? … And then it fell into place because we have two cops and a former NFL player and that became the Brawn tribe and then we always have a model and a cheerleader and that type, so it was brains, brawn, and beauty and the question was: Three different skills you rely on in life, is one more valuable in a social game like Survivor?”

A question we’ve always had for Jeff though, is after traveling everywhere around the world to places like Fiji, Brazil, Guatemala, and now Cagayan, for Survivor where does he go when it’s time for his own vacation and travels?!

“My wife just got us vacationing.” Jeff admits. “Because I never really took them because I liked being home, but we have two kids so we will take spring break again this year in Hawaii and places like that. We do it right, we have fun.”

Tune in to the two hour premiere of  Survivor: Cagayan on Wednesday on CBS at 8/7c.