By Sadao Turner

You’ve seen it on YouTube, you’ve seen it on Vine, you’ve even seen it in Jennifer Lopez‘s new music video — The Nae Nae has taken over the internet.

So to follow up our “Happy” music video we debuted last month, we’re doing a video for “Drop That NaeNae” by We Are Toonz … and we want YOU to be in it!

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Record a video of you doing the Nae Nae with friends (or solo). Make it creative, make it funny, make it memorable — only the best videos will make the cut! Have fun with your location, shooting anywhere from school or work, to the supermarket or yoga class.

When you’re done, upload the video to YouTube and title it, “HEY RYAN SEACREST, THIS IS HOW I DO THE NAE NAE.” If you want us to see it ASAP, feel free to tweet the link to @OnAirWithRyan on Twitter.


Your last day to submit a video is Monday, March 24 at 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST. Don’t be late.


If you’re shooting your video with a phone, DO NOT SHOOT IN “PORTRAIT MODE” (vertically). Flip your phone sideways, then watch the magic happen.

When you upload to YouTube, please upload the highest resolution video available. If it’s full HD at 1920×1080, that’s best.

Try to keep the camera as steady as possible by standing still or using a tripod if you have access to one.


Don’t know how to Nae Nae? No worries! Here’s an easy tutorial from the We Are Toonz guys themselves (below). And click here to get the song on iTunes so you can practice in your bedroom.