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By Sierra Marquina

Tony Goldwyn, better known as President Fitz on ABC’s Scandal, phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the roller coaster that is his show and his new movie, Divergent.

But first, we had to know what’s really in his cup when President Fitz is knocking back those scotches?

“I’m not a method enough actor to actually drink scotch all day,” Tony jokes. “So it’s iced tea.”

In the last episode of Scandal, we were left with the Vice President almost revealing that she killed her husband and wondering whether David or James got shot — not to mention, Olivia (Kerry Washington) told Fitz that Vermont will never happen.

But we aren’t the only ones fed up with Fitz and Olivia’s up and down relationship … so is the rest of the world. A flight attendant once got upset with him because of his character, Tony explains.

“I go back and forth a lot [to the east coast] and this flight attendant grabbed me as I was coming out of the bathroom and pulled me into the kitchen and said, ‘We need to talk about you and Olivia.’ And it was in the part of the story where I was being very cold to Olivia. And she said, ‘You need to forgive her. She’s the only one you can trust. She loves you. You need to straighten this out now.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’ll have a chat with [creator] Shonda [Rhimes] about that.’ And her fellow flight attendant said, ‘You know, it’s not real. It’s a TV show.”

As for whether or not Mellie (Bellamy Young) will have her own affair with the Vice President candidate, Tony reveals: ”It looks like it’s headed that way … I can’t give anything away … but we will follow that one and it gets, like everything else in Scandal, it will probably get messy.”

But Tony put his character aside during the show’s hiatus to take on quite a different role as the father of Shailene Woodley‘s character Tris in Divergent, a film based on the young adult series by Veronica Roth.

“I had to read the book a couple of times to understand a) what all the differences were between all the factions and what was going on because there’s this quiet coup happening in this society and it gets real, real complicated,” he admits.

“But that’s what makes it great and what makes the book really smart and sort of elevates the book and the movie above the young adult genre, so that’s really why I wanted to do it.”

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