Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

Keira Knightley is showing off her singing skills in her new movie, Begin Again, in which she plays a singer-songwriter who sets out to make a name for herself after her boyfriend (played by Adam Levine) dumps her once he gets famous.

So can we expect to hear her embark on a career as a a singer?

“No, not really,” she quips (watch the video below to hear Keira’s song, “Lost Stars”). “Never done it before. I had done it a little bit in a film about eight years ago, and I forgot that I found that completely terrifying … and I found this completely terrifying, as well.”

So did she help Adam with his acting and he with her singing?

“We kind of did, although actually I was in the studio first before we shot any scenes,” she explains. “And I kind of said to him, ‘I’m really frightened, I’m really frightened.’ He went, ‘Oh no, you’ll be fine.’ And that was it. That was the most the coaching I got from Adam Levine. So when he turned around when we were onset and said ‘Oh, I’m frightened,’ I was just like, ‘Eh, you’ll be fine.’ And he was, so I was right.”

And as for that story that Keira only allows herself to spend $50,000 a year, she clarified it’s not true. “I keep saying it’s not,but everyone’s just decided that’s what I do, but it really isn’t.”

But when it comes to the other story floating that she often gets mistaken for Britney Spears and Natalie Portman, now that is the real deal.

“Yes, always,” she says with a laugh. “I say thank you and I pose for a picture and sign ‘Britney.’ I’ll sign ‘Natalie Portman,’ I’ll sign ‘Kate Winslet.’ Today, it was Rachel Weiss, so I signed for Rachel Weiss as well. I’ll do anyone, apart from me.”

Begin Again is in theaters in New York City and Los Angeles today and nationwide on July 11!