Photo: SyFy

By Kathleen Perricone

On Wednesday night, millions tuned in to one of the most anticipated sequels of our time … Sharknado 2.

Ryan and Ellen called up its star — and hero shark slayer — Ian Ziering on Thursday morning to congratulate him on the killer ratings and buzz.

“It’s such a fun movie!” he told them. “It’s ridiculous fun. People really respond to this kind of entertainment, who knew? Certainly I didn’t. But the anticipation was so great due to the success of the first movie that they aired it in 90 countries all within 24 hours.”

The sequel was so successful, Ian confirms there’s going to be a third!

“There’s definitely a three,” he says. “It’s a television movie, but the roll out was like a major motion picture.”

Where will it be set? Ian’s thinking Europe! “I’d like to take it to the people in foreign countries. They’re patly responsible for the Sharknado phenomenon in the first place.”