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By Marc Inocencio

News broke early Wednesday morning when Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom reportedly came close to blows at Cipriani in Ibiza, Spain.

The Lord of the Rings actor reportedly threw a punch at Justin, who later retaliated by uploading a photo of Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr — which he quickly deleted — and a photo of the movie star in tears on his Instagram account.

With multiple reports and vague clips of the he said-he said incident, On Air with Ryan Seacrest dialed in TMZ’s Harvey Levin to pinpoint the instigator of the feud.

“I don’t think there’s a definitive answer because we’ve talked to eyewitnesses and the stories vary a little bit. But everything that I’m hearing is Orlando,” he says. “Orlando definitely threw a punch, but Justin made a comment, but the comment seems to have been made after Justin put his hand out to shake his hand, which is kind of weird.”

According to TMZ, the Bieber-Bloom bad blood allegedly began after the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, where the 20-year-old later got flirty with Orlando’s then-wife. The British actor, who has a 3-year-old son, Flynn, with Miranda, was also spotted with Justin’s on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez in April, TMZ also reports.

“Orlando is really pissed off and has been for a long time and believes that Justin slept with Miranda Kerr while he was still married to her,” Harvey adds. “Now, Miranda has denied that, but whether it’s true or not, apparently that’s what Orlando believes.”

Although celebrities are beginning to take sides on the issue, Harvey explains that “people aren’t so much talking about whether he [Orlando] was right or wrong to throw the punch, people think that Orlando is the loser in this because the punch was so weak.”

Ryan then concludes that the real issue is whether or not Justin and Miranda had a fling, and Ellen K. replies, “I think she’s telling the truth, there’s no way.

“Look, she’s 31, she’s a Victoria Secret model, she’s gorgeous, she can have any guy in the world,” she adds. “Why would you go there?”

The feud between Justin and Orlando is still developing, so make sure to stay connected with TMZ for more breaking details by clicking here.

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