Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Susan Panariello, the lucky Gap employee who helped President Barack Obama in New York City phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to reveal what it was like to shop with the President of the United States.

Susan reveals she didn’t know the president was going to be stopping by. “About like 30 minutes before he arrived, there was all these Secret Service men and it started to looked like something very big was going to happen and it really was only a few minutes that I was pulled aside and told I was going to be the one to show him around the store and help him select items for his daughters and his wife,” she tells us.

The lucky employee went on to say she expected to greet him, but the president was eager to introduce himself. “He just entered the store with his arm out and shook my hand,” she describes, “so he was definitely the one who did all the greeting … he went right out and said he was in town and wanted to bring back gifts for his family and needed just a little help in choosing something for the ladies.”

And in case you were wondering, Obama was looking for something in a size small for his daughters Malia and Sasha and medium for wife Michelle Obama.

“He did ask for my opinion,” Susan adds. “And I showed him first … some of our Gap logo items and  … and he was quick in deciding that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted something a little more versatile for the girls, so he ended up choosing lightweight essential cardigan crew necks for the girls … and workout wear for Michelle.”

But those weren’t Susan’s first suggestions. In fact, the employee urged Obama to check out the v-neck cardigans, as they’re more popular. “Right away he was like, ‘I know I don’t want the v-neck’ … I told him v-necks are more popular and he right away said he was very worried about the v-necks slipping off the shoulder and things like that.”

It’s only appropriate the president would be a protective father!

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