Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Coldplay surprised fans last week by releasing a new track titled “Midnight“, then following with the release they’ll be dropping their sixth studio album titled Ghost Stories on May 19th.

The group released another track off the upcoming album today titled “Magic“, along with a photo of lyrics and the album track list written out by frontman Chris Martin.

Magic” features lyrics like: “Call it magic / Call it true / Call it magic / When I’m with you” and resembles a vintage Coldplay sound.

The Ghost Stories tracklisting is as follows:

1.”Always In My Head”
2. “Magic”
3. “Ink”
4. “True Love”
5. “Midnight”
6. “Another’s Arms”
7. “Oceans”
8. “A Sky Full Of Stars”
9. “O”

Coldplay is set to headline opening night of the first US iTunes Festival at SXSW on March 11. Pre-order Ghost Stories on iTunes now here.