Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

The search continues for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the 239 people who were on board.

The plane disappeared on March 8 while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and Anderson Cooper shares with On Air with Ryan Seacrest it’s anyone’s guess as to what happened considering “there’s been conflicting information from Malaysian authorities.”

“Today they’re backtracking on the timing when the first communication device was switched off, which only adds to the confusion of it all,” Anderson adds. “But, the bottom line is, we still have no idea what happened to this plane … on Friday… [outlets were] reporting that it does seem it’s moving in the direction of sabotage. They’re looking at some sort of human involvement because it does seem there was a human at control when the plane made this turn after signing off and the plane changed altitude several times quite drastically and also [its] course over the several hours, which indicates there was a human at the controls.”

The CNN anchor adds that the distance they’re now covering in the Indian Ocean has expanded, it’s like the distance from Los Angeles to New York City and there are “26 different countries combing that body of water.”

A new investigation has also begun on one of the pilots of the aircraft, Anderson says.

“One of the weird things is apparently Malaysian authorities didn’t search the pilot’s home until this weekend, which I don’t quite get,” he admits. “They had police outside the home for the last 10 days, but didn’t actually move in to the home, which I find very strange. If they’re investigating everyone onboard that plane you’d think they’d at least search the pilot’s home. He had a flight simulator inside his house.”

Another component Anderson says to watch out for is that same pilot’s personal life. Reports have surfaced that his estranged wife had moved out the day before the plane took off. “I think people will be looking at that very closely over the next 12 hours or so,” he says.

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