This is insane!

Some guy who is claiming to have NUDE PHOTOS of Demi Lovato has released some of them online.  He was going to auction them off to the highest bidder last week; also hinting to several sources in this statement that Demi may be bi-sexual:

"We have nude/sexual photos of Demi Lovato and was wondering if you would like to buy them ... The girl in the middle row, last pic is our friend and is a girl Demi had a fling with for some time on and off."

The source also claims that Demi's friend sent these pictures of Demi naked to him/her, because the friend was "tired of being played," and that the source "has no use for [the pictures]"

VERY INTERESTING drama going on with her regarding this right now!  I'm not sure whether I believe that this is true or not, but some of the pictures feature tattoo's that look exactly like Demi's.