Happiness is a beautiful thing, and it seems as if we tend to forget the importance of each day during a busy week. Catherine Person, with the Huffington Post, gives you 9 simple ways to feel happier today! Such a great read, I had to share. Smile, number one on the list and I could not agree more. It has really been something I have focused on the previous few years of my life, and I would encourage you all to make sure to smile as much as you can, even during the tough days; as well as to always share a smile. It could really impact someone, if not change his or her life.

Also, expressing kindness made the list. A simply act of kindness can really inspire, motivate, and benefit someones day. It could be as easy as, just listening to someone that needs to be heard at that given moment.

Read: The 9 Ways Here!

Follow your heart, cherish love, and share a smile. :-)

Be Original, Be You!- DeMario



Photo Credit [Huff Post/ Screen Shot]

Story Credit: Huffingtonpost.com [Catherine Person]