A beautiful read from Stella Yanakieva, of Elite Daily suggesting 7 signs that you are being true to yourself! Life can be "busy" and I think that we have all felt that. It is almost as if we did not even realize the day went by, then it was over. We could start to go through the motions, or even live someone else's life. Doing what makes us content, but not what makes us happy. Finding your worth is so important and there is nothing better then being true to yourself. Spot on, Stella stresses the importance of finding the beauty in each day and encourages you to go through everyday with a positive attitude like it is your last. I encourage you to read this article, so inspiring. More here: Elite Daily

Cherish the beauty of each day, encourage love, and inspire to share a smile.

Be Original, Be You!- DeMario



Source:Elite Daily