A new survey tried to find the LESS traditional signs you're in a goodrelationship... and they more or less succeeded.  Here are their 10 unique signs things are solid. 


1.  You do chores together . . . like one person washes dishes, the other one dries.

 2.  You agree on movies.


 3.  You have three mutual friends . . . meaning you each have an independent friendship with three of the same people.


 4.  You go on two romantic weekend trips a year. 


5.  You kiss each other five times a day.

 6.  You cook together.


 7.  You go on a date once a month, regardless of how long you've been together. 


8.  You have sex about twice a week. 


9.  You've both admitted you're wrong during an argument. 



10.  You don't get into too many fights over driving, making a mess, or spending money.