I would guess its pretty cool to just be nominated for an Oscar, but even if you DON'T win, you still go home with a pretty sweet gift bag - the "Everybody Wins At The Oscars" gift bag by Distinctive Assets is valued at $55,000 each!

So what's in the bag? Here's just a FEW highlights:

Halo Natural Pet Food ($6,142.89) 
Max Martin Shoes ($750)    
Narrative Clip Camera ($279)  
Steamist Home Spa System ($2,560)  
Best of Vegas Tour Package ($9,000) 
Rouge Maple Syrup ($250) 
House Call From Nutritionist Heather Lounsbury ($500)  
Huntley Drive Fitness Training Sessions ($850) 
Walk Japan Tour of Japan ($15,000)  
Rocky Mountaineer Train Trip ($4,078.00) 
Jitseu Handbags ($279) 
Imanta Mexico Resort Stay ($3,300) 
Koala Landing Resort Stay in Kauai ($2,000) 
Aviv 613 Vodka ($30)

Maybe I should look into how to get an Oscar nomination, haha. But seriously, its pretty cool that even if the nominees don't go home with the awards, they're not really gonig home empty-handed!!