We found this great list on Mashable of honest Facebook notifications that should exist and had to share it.  If these were real, Facebook would be so much more fun:

1. Why They Really Broke Up

When you see the “no longer in a realtionship” status on your friends Facebook, wouldn’t it be nice to see why they actually ended things?

2. Who Is on the Receiving End of That P/A Status

It drives me crazy when friends post those passive aggressive statuses but they won’t tell who they are about.  Because then you wouldn’t have to ask them about it. 

3. What You're Getting Into

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you started dating someone it automitically told you if they had a crazy ex?

4. What to Expect When They're Expecting

You know as soon as someone announces they are pregnant on Facebook it will be followed by 9 months of ultrasound pictures.  If one click could automatically hide that, it would be amazing.

5. Whether She Actually Looks That Good

Facebook should absolutely tell you when someone has photoshopped their picture!

6. Who Unfriended You... and Why?