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So I was reading an article the other day and apparently these are the reasons she's not really texting you back! I've added in my two cents as well! 

1. "They are bombarded with similar messages."

Basically she might be getting the same kind of basic messages from a few different guys - How to fix this?? Be yourself but try and be original, maybe send her a funny photo or gif? Girls love that!!!

2. "Once women know they can have you, you’re fighting an uphill battle."

You know the whole "play hard to get" - ya do that!!! If you just give her everything she might not be interested anymore! C'mon it's not that complicated - she's playing hard to get too!

3. "You’re not mysterious enough."

Don't send a paragraph in every text - don't spill all your secrets in emoji's and pictures!! Keep some stuff for when you guys are together! Put down the phone and go play some Madden!

4. "You might not actually be interested in this girl and it shows."

Why are you going to waste your time sending messages if you really don't care if she responds?!? Trust me...they know!! (well most of them do)

I'll add in that if you don't make your intentions clear she might not message you back because she's unsure of why you're hitting her up! 

Also if girls think you're a player they might not even want to get involved at all. 

If you take forever to get back to her...she'll take forever to get back to you!! And yes my fiance helped me with some of this!!