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This season of 'The Bachelor' was definitely a strange one.. Andi Dorfman, one of last remaining woman, makes history on US television when she revealed that Juan Pablo Galavis was actually a complete jerk! Andi described her night alone with Juan Pablo in the "fantasy suite" as more of a "nightmare" that she couldn't wait to end. She claims that The Bachelor did a lot of name dropping, had a lack of communication, and also had a need to grab every girls face! Definitely doesn't sound like someone to bring home to Mom and Dad. I have to say though, I'm pretty excited for the 'Women Tell All Special.'


Here's a preview for next weeks episode!


And now we're hearing that yes, Andi WILL become the next Bachelorette!! Now here's the icing on the cake - Andi had no problem making fun of Juan Pablo publicly on twitter. Her and former contestant Kelly Travisty reenact the many times that Juan Pablo touched Andi's face. Sounds like a messy breakup to me!!


Check out this selfie from Andi a little while ago, Juan Pablo - EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!