All throughout the day yesterday, I was seeing this extremely funny Justin Timberlake Meme being posted by EVERYONE on Facebook:


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So ... What exactly is the story behind it?

Well, back in 2000, when JT was a member of Boy-Band NSYNC, there was a hot single released by the group called "It's Gonna Be Me." It was actually a pretty good jam. I remember summer days where I was rockin' out to it with friends growing up.

If you listen to the ending of the song at any other time of the year, it may sound like there's nothing up with what JT says.

However, if you listen to it just before the month of May begins, you may just get the crazy idea that it kinda sounds like he's saying "It's Gonna Be MAY."

...And then, go and make a viral Meme that's all over Facebook.

So, even though we're already in the month of May, take a listen to the last few seconds of the song below. You'll be uber glad you did ;)