I just don't get it ... What does Zac Efron have over me?

As you all know, Zac won Best Shirtless Performance at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday Night for his role in That Awkward Moment ... And went shirtless on stage to accept his award.

A lot of people are raving and craving over the fact that he won it all.

However, what does he have on me?

Below, you'll see a throwback photo that shows MY best shirtless performance a few years ago, at an after dark party with my good friend, Jen:


Boy, that was a lot of fun.

But seriously ... I could've won that award for MY performance! I was the master at impressing people with my moves when I had no shirt on. What does he have on me?

Better abs? A better chest? Better arms? Shoulders? Forearms? Core? Overall appearance?

After taking a second look, yeah ... I guess so. :(

However, I must say that I'm still proud of my appearance, and my moves. Next time you catch me at a late night station event, I'll make sure to break out and impress the crowd. This whole thing is inspiration for me to do so!