I am appalled after watching this video.

Apparently, a new trend is sweeping through countries such as Russia with mothers and their young (and by young, I'm talking about only months old) babies. The trend is called "Baby Yoga," and the concept comes from what all of us adults would normally do to practice different forms of it.

Now envision the mothers of these young children actually performing the excessive yoga movements on the babies themselves, and swinging them around in the air violently. That pretty much sums up Baby Yoga.

A lot of outrage is being expressed by mothers world-wide because it is now becoming a trend. 

In the video below, you'll see a baby cry out in pain because a mother is bending its arms back into an awkward stance, and swinging it around violently in the air.

I understand that Yoga is an exercise that should help us to relax, energize our bodies, etc. However, when those movements are performed on a young baby, I really feel like that would endanger the baby in more ways than it would help them.