Lady Gaga, it looks like you have some competition in my book now. And her name is Taylor Swift.

Taylor's Yahoo Live Stream is at 5:00PM today, and we're playing it on our station for you to listen to today. But a few weeks ago, I actually had the opportunity to MEET Taylor. That's right. I had the opportunity of a lifetime meeting her at a house party that I was so fortunately invited to.

Here's the whole story behind it.

I was in NYC for some work-related meetings. I was hanging out with a few radio friends, when we got word that Taylor was holding an exclusive party.

One of my friends had an "in," so we went over to her apartment right away. Sure enough, Taylor herself let us in right away.

We ate food prepared by Taylor herself, drank with her, and had so much fun.

As we were in the midst of all this fun, she pulled down her Grammy and other various music awards off a shelf. She gave me one, and asked to have our pictures taken together on her very own Polaroid Camera.

So now, I have this hard copy memory of the two of us to keep for all time. She is such a nice woman.