A source close to Taylor Swift has recently revealed a very demanding list from the Pop / Country Star.

And it's not related to what she wants in her dressing room. 

Taylor apparently has a list of qualities she's looking for in the perfect boyfriend. And some of them aren't easy for every guy out there to achieve...

The boyfriend must:

  • Have a sister she can be a BFF with
  • Be "on her level" with his career... AKA must be a leading man / music star
  • Be hot, obviously
  • Speak at least two different languages
  • Have a good relationship with his mom, without being a "mama's boy"
  • "And so many more things"

I'm not sure I'd fit in to any of those.

Do you think Taylor's list is a little too demanding? Or is it a case of "she can have anyone she wants" because she's so famous? See the video below for more details!