Meet Brandon Howard, a 31-year old R&B singer who's making waves in the entertainment industry for a reason we all wouldn't think of at first...

He is the biological son of Michael Jackson.

TMZ obtained reports that suggest that Howard's DNA matches Jackson's by 99%. And if you take a look at his physical appearance, and hear his music, the similarities between the two artists are unbelievable.

Now here's the story behind it. In 1982, Jackson released his smash hit "Billie Jean." Turns out that he also knew a woman who was a gospel singer around that same time, who went by the nick-name "Billy." 

Since Howard is 31 years old, that would put his year of birth at 1982.

I'm amazed at how real this story seems to be.

Watch this entertainment video below for more details:

AND, here's a little taste of Brandon Howard's music: